Ready to get started designing your custom horoscope necklace or bracelet??

Go through the items below, taking some notes, to greatly simplify the process. We can skype, email, or you can come by the shop and we can pick every bead together.

Astrological Natal Chart Jewelry Design Considerations

Look in your jewelry box...

Get out your favorite pieces that have any kind of semi-precious gemstones in it... and get an idea of what you might want to wear your horoscope necklace, bracelet, or earrings with. Let's make it match! Or maybe you want a matching set from me that you will wear together...or an ankle bracelet...

Look in your closet. What colors do you wear the most?

If you are like me and wear black a lot, not so important. But if you wear a lot of colors, you might want to make a note of your favorite ones. This is very helpful in the final end product matching what you want to wear it with. 

What do you want? Necklace? Bracelet? Earrings? All?

I can code the natal chart into a necklace, or a bracelet, or an earring... and I can make up matching accessory pieces that are not natal charts, but will perfectly match the natal chart piece. If you already have decided on what you want, we can get moving more quickly on the designs. 

Look at the sample design pictures...and the bead pictures

There may be design elements you want to incorporate into yours, and pictures simplify the process. Take note of your favorite beads, stones, etc. You might also want to research gemstone properties, if you feel a desire to imbue the piece with the vibrational energies of certain stones. 

Length matters, a lot...

I can adjust a lot of things, and one of the things that people really want is the correct length - in particular, bracelets have to fit properly. Find the EXACT length you want for necklaces and bracelets. So, get those measurements ready. 

Your Birth Data! I have to have it and it needs to be accurate; ask your mom if you can.

Some people don't know their birth time. That's okay. If you can get it, and it's accurate, we will use it. If you don't know it or doubt it's accuracy, let's leave it out. It's better to leave it out than to put wrong data in the piece.

The Astrological Chart - What kind?

Western or Vedic..

Your choice. There are several methods of calculating the house positions, as well. Your choice. If you don't have a choice, I will use the Western, with Placidus houses. If you have had a reading from an astrologer you like, and they provided you with a chart, simply send me a scan or picture of the chart, and I can use that chart. Or you could run your chart on (I love that site) and use any chart you like. Or I can run it. 

If you know your birth time accurately, do you want house cusps, or just the Ascendant?

House cusps will add 11 beads to the piece. That makes it a bit longer. I can adjust somewhat for this, but if you want a short piece it's harder to get the house cusps in, and it makes it harder to read (more confusing). That being said, one of my favorite necklaces has all the house cusps in it. Bracelets are best with house cusps left out, unless you have big wrists and want really small beads. Earrings - NO.

Combining Charts?

You want to combine your chart with someone else's chart? It can be done in several ways. Multiple strands, either joined or unjoined at the cusps of the signs, or the two can be combined as a composite or synastry chart. These are confusing. I recommend starting out with a natal chart for yourself, and thinking about combined charts later. 

What Stone is best for each Sign & Planet?

Whatever feels best to you. You will intuit the best stones for you based on your own inner knowingness. Other Astrology Natal Chart Jewelry I have seen assigns a background color, for the signs, making reading it more difficult, and specific stones for each planet, making it less custom and more boring. What if you want something else? I want you to choose. 

Special Asteroids, Moon's Nodes, Etc.

You can have all, some or none. Since this jewelry is all about you, my preferences are immaterial. I code it how you say. Normally I put the ten planets (no, astrologers did not get the notice that Pluto isn't a planet any more...we love Pluto) plus Chiron, the moon's nodes, part of fortune, and Ascendant. I can put other stuff in, but I find it makes the chart a bit busy. The way I default code it makes it very easy to read and memorize your chart.

Does it come with a printed out reading from Astrology Software?

There are hundreds of Astrology programs. We can discuss what kind of Astrology reading would be right for you. But I do not offer this with the jewelry. What your planets in your signs means to you could be different than what I might interpret, or another astrologer or astrology program says it means. I do provide a sheet telling you what sign each of your planets are in, and what stone I used for each point in your chart, so you can easily read your natal chart piece.