Custom Gemstone Jewelry - 100+ Gemstones to Choose From

I do NOT have every one of these stones in every size/type of bead, but I have a pretty big selection. Choosing the beads for your custom gemstone jewelry, whether you are looking for healing gemstones, crystals, or just something beautiful and personally meaningful to you, is pretty easy, you know what you like, right?

Here is a list of gemstone beads I currently have: 

african tourquoise   amazonite   amber   amethyst   ametrine   angelite   apatite   aquamarine   aragonite   azurite/malachite   black lace agate   black obsidian   black onyx   black tourmaline   bloodstone   blue goldstone   blue kyanite   blue lace agate    blue/brown goldstone   cape amethyst   carnelian   charoite   chrysocolla   chrysoprase   citrine   clear quartz   coral   crackled quartz   dalmatian jasper   denim lapis   desert jasper   dumortierite   emerald/jade   epidote   garnet   goldstone   gray moonstone   green aventurine   green fluorite   green kyanite   green tourmaline   hawks eye   hematite   herkimer diamond   howlite   iolite   jade   jet   kyanite   labradorite   lapis lazuli   larimar   lemon chrysoprase   leopardskin jasper   lepidolite   mahogany obsidian   malachite   moonstone   moss agate   mother of pearl   nephrite jade   opal    opalite   orange calcite   peach moonstone   peridot   peridot jasper   picture jasper   pink chalcedony   pink coral   pink tourmaline   poppy jasper   prehnite   purple fluorite   pyrite   rainbow fluorite   rainbow moonstone   rainbow obsidian   rainforest jasper   red jasper   red malachite   red tigereye   rhodochrosite   rhodonite   riverstone   rose quartz   ruby   ruby jade   ruby zoisite   rutilated quartz   sapphire   seraphinite   serpentine jade   sky quartz   smoky quartz, dark   smoky quartz, light   snowflake obsidian   sodalite   sugilite   sunstone   tibetan turquoise   tiger iron   tigereye   tourmalated quartz   tree agate   turquoise   unakite   white jade   white onyx   yellow jade   yellow jasper   zoisite    

I also have some drilled quartz crystals I use in certain designs. Healing crystals are generally larger but I also have Herkimer Diamond beads, which are very small - and so pretty... 

If you are interested in looking up the specific spiritual, vibrational, or healing properties that others attribute to specific stones for your jewelry, that is up to you to research. There are lots of books and websites where people have published their findings and feelings about these topics. I try to steer clear of putting it on my site, but I do have some designs I use for manifestation based on stone "lore" and other associations, such as colors, for the chakras, and astrological associations... 

Gemstone Beads - You Choose Your Favorites

Who Better Than YOU to decide what you want?

Many people have an opinion on what gemstone is best to represent the energy of a sign or planet, but the frustrating thing is, they don't agree.  I studied the heck out of it, enjoyed it, and decided to use what I like in mine, and what what you tell me to use in your jewelry. That's because you are the one that will be wearing it, not me, or those other people. 

Elements, Modalities, Astrological Associations...

Whatever criteria you decide matters to you, is how we do it. Cardinal Air, Fixed Fire, Mutable Earth...what stone signfies these things best for you? I will offer my two cent's worth, but whatever makes it easiest for you to remember and read the chart is ultimately the best choice, and what matches your favorite sweater... or ring. All.About.You.

You can just pick the colors you want, if you don't want to get all involved in individual gemstones

Earth tones, pastels, blues, greens, purples, russet reds, clear stones, jaspers, iridescent stones... if you tell me your preferences, I can guide you toward stones that have those characteristics.

Small or Larger Beads? Round, or free-form?

Delicate with all round beads, very small planets, almost the same size as the backround zodiac beads, or chunky freeform zodiac beads with small, medium or large planets? Planets sized in ratio to actual sizes or all the same size... Whatever you like!

Match the Sign & Planetary Rulerships?

I prefer it this way, to make the chart more intuitive and readable. It actually teaches you astrology that way! But if you want to pick out more gemstones, you can pick out twice as many if you don't do it that way...  It's up to you. 

Pick the ones that you are attracted to - don't overthink it...

If you feel a connection to a certain stone, you probably ought to include it in your piece. If you feel an aversion to a certain stone, leave it out. It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks about it. You are the one who will be wearing it.

Zodiac Crystals and Gemstones - There are no rules!

zodiac crystals and gemstones - how to choose based on astrological associations of the zodiac signs

Certain stones seem to go well with certain signs - but that doesn't mean you can't have all greens!

... or reds or purples or blues, or whatever you want - any combination is fine as long as you like it. Certain planets are said to be represented by certain stones - but nobody seems to agree on what those stones are... so choose what you like!

We have fun with choosing the gemstones - Get Creative! Whatever criteria you choose is appropriate

No Rules. What you want. That's the only rule!

You can supply some (or all) of the beads - If you want something I don't have - that's okay, too.

I can help you get exactly what you want. Don't feel limited by my bead selection. But I cannot spend endless hours selecting your beads, and shopping for beads that may not exist! Feel free to go to a bead store and choose beads you like, and send them to me. I will make it work in your design. 

The Natal Chart Jewelry Coding Methods I Use - Examples

Compressed - for Earrings, Bracelets & Necklaces of all Lengths

A very simple method, it can be infinitely adjusted for length. You can use chip or round beads for the signs, but I suggest chips for easier reading. 

Compressed Necklace Example

This design can be adjusted for anything from bracelet to long necklace length, by adjusting how many beads are strung on the ends of the compressed natal chart.

Expanded Zodiac Design - Necklaces only

By adjusting the spacing, longer lengths can be accommodated. Chips were used in this design for the signs - for someone with no fire in their chart, so we used all fire stones...

Expanded Zodiac Natal Chart Necklace with all round beads and matching pendulum bracelet

Any length, gold or silver, you choose whatever stones you like - this matching set was custom-made with all round stones (except the pendulum which is a dual-terminated natural quartz crystal).

Astrologers' Necklaces

More accurate (to 5 degrees) - this design is very easy to read. Choose your own Zodiac sign and planet beads - custom sun beads make it even more fun!

Any of the designs can be done with or with out Ascendant - this design can also contain house cusps, if the birth time is known accurately.

Hand-Knotted Silk + Other Custom Upgrades in Natal Chart Jewelry

This is a beautiful way to string the beads, and it's a pain to do it so I charge a lot more. It also breaks if you stress it out. No warranty on this, if you break it and want it re-strung, I charge for re-stringing. This is how pearls are strung. 

Karat gold findings are available, and since gold is over $1000 an ounce, expect to pay quite a bit more for Gold findings. I am adding a page to show some of the available clasps and spacers if you want Karat gold. It will be up soon.

Natal Chart Jewelry Pricing Guidelines

Add a footnote if this applies to your business

Natal Chart Necklace, Anklet, or Bracelet (no custom stone selection)


($10.00 shipping)

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Compressed Zodiac Design - on a budget - Provide your birth data (date, city, time (if available)) and I will make you a piece just like this, only to your actual birth chart. The crystal in the middle is the Ascendant - if you do not have an accurate birth time, you will not have this crystal in your piece. You must provide your birth data to purchase this, and specify in notes how long you want it - between 6-1/2 to 18". If you do not specify, it will be a 16" choker necklace (as pictured) with all silver spacer beads.

Sturdily strung on beadalon wire, with genuine gemstone Zodiac beads and planet beads, this accurate representation of your natal chart can be made into a necklace, anklet, or bracelet. Just specify your desired length. 

Hematite and silver-plated spacers and toggle clasp complete the design. If you want a combination of silver-plated and gold-plated, or all gold-plated spacers, please specify in the notes. You may also call or text if you have questions about any of this before purchasing.