Astrology Sites I Enjoy...

Astrodienst - - I will run your chart here! chart - astrodienst style - a very easy to understand horoscope format

I love this site. I cannot say enough great things about it, I use the program for my horoscope charts, since it is so easy to read. I use the "Astrodienst" style chart. My favorite!

You can get some cool free readings, daily personalized astrology, and check in on Thursdays for even more free personalized astro readings! 

Evolutionary Astrology - Steven Forrest Astrology

Steven Forrest's evolutionary astrology books take up a fairly large section of my astrology library. I have his Inner Sky software program, and feel it is an amazing reading for you to get started with. However, getting a reading from an actual human astrologer is something I would highly recommend, I have had many, and each one helped me in ways that were different and wonderful. 

Big Sky Astrology - Cool Blog from the prez of the San Diego Astrological Society

There are tons of books on astrology, and loads of people with blogs and weekly, monthly or however often they blog... April Kent's Big Sky Astrology has some profoundly different insights and really cool articles. The article I linked to above is about "first responder" planets. I so related to it! Unfortunately my first responder is... Saturn!

Looking for an Astrologer?

Looking for an astrologer in your area? Or one that specializes in a particular field of astrology?

san diego astrological society

steven forrest trained astrologers

and this is just a beginning... google "astrologer" and your zip code if you want someone close by for an in-person reading...