Astrological Mandalas, Rosaries, Malas...FAQs

Is this religious?

It's not religious, but you could call it spiritual...If you say "rosary" it might evoke a Christian or Catholic vibe, but this jewelry is not religious. It is intended to impart a greater spiritual awareness on the wearer.

Does Astrology Work?

Great question, but people will ultimately have to answer that question for themselves. I believe there is something to it. I cannot speak for others.

Will it change my life?

Probably only you can change your own life. This jewelry, and other intention/manifestation/awareness jewelry can function as an attention focusing device. Crystal healing jewelry can impart the vibrations of crystals, should these vibrations exist, to the body on which is is worn. Whether or not these vibrations exist, is not proven by conventional "science" but has been highly suggested by alternative science researchers. No claims are made for the medicinal, or other effects, of any crystal or gemstone products.

You have a lot of stones but you don't have _____ - can I have that?

I have a lot of stones, but you can provide special beads if you have them. If you have a sentimental jewelry piece and want to recyle some of the beads/findings...remember my motto: "whatever you want". I will also go on a quest to find the special stone bead that you want - but I do charge for my time for doing that. 

Does this mean I'm not a Christian any more?

Did you know that the 3 wise men in the Bible were following a star?  They were astrologers. Wise Man = Astrologer.

So, yes, you can still be a Christian and wear astrology-based jewelry. 

How expensive is the jewelry you make?

It varies. My most economical design you can actually purchase without selecting any stones, found here.

There are upcharges depending on the options you choose. I will use karat gold spacers and findings if you want. It could be up to thousands of dollars, depending on what you choose. 

Since each piece is unique, it's very difficult to assign a price. Pricing guidelines for the basic concepts are available here, but if you choose upgrades like gold-filled, karat gold, or special stones, hand-knotted silk, etc, the price can vary quite a bit.