Natal/Birth Chart Astrology Jewelry - Accuracy of horoscope jewelry...?

Reality Check - this is jewelry - a printed chart is still better for calculations...

Accuracy of Horoscope Jewelry - Astrology Jewelry is an artistic representation of your natal chart - I think that few people would seriously attempt to "read" to one degree, and figure aspects from a necklace. That's what is for! 

Trying to code a necklace with a bead for each degree is not the best method, to my view, but it can be done. My jewelry is intended to be mathematically accurate, and you can memorize your chart from it, or use it for whatever meditative or symbolic purpose you want to, but I recommend using your printed chart for this purpose. It's much easier, and your necklace can just look beautiful while you wear it and not need to be stressed out trying to be something it's not. 

There are various ways to code the jewelry. My favorite way is not the most "accurate" in that you do not know the degrees, but each planet is in it's sign, in the correct order. I like it because it's less cluttered and still it has the feel of a natal chart. Natal chart jewelry can look very cluttered, and I find that less beautiful. First, this jewelry is intended to be a beautiful reflection of your natl chart - It has a stonehengey look to it and I love that. The most accurate is the least pretty in my mind, and it's much more of a pain to make, especially if you want a bead for each degree. So I rarely make one like that. Extremely accurate astrology chart jewelry can look too long or overly busy, so I try to avoid that in my favorite designs. That being said, I will make any criteria of natal chart jewelry that you like, since it's about what you want, not about what I want. 

The Expanded Zodiac design is my personal favorite. Each Zodiac sign is represented by a beginning and ending bead. Any planets or points are placed between them. It's simple and intuitive to read it. But you can't figure out trines and squares from it. 

It's jewelry, and it's a natal chart, but it's not going to replace a printed chart with the aspects calculated to precision.  There are so many ways to calculate a natal chart, and why limit yourself to one - but your astrological natal chart horoscope, calculated to your preference, can be rendered in your choice of semi-precious gemstones and crystals, and you will love it. The level of satisfaction is 100% up to you choosing the stones you love most. The rest is just your astrology chart.